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Pioneros del Tabaco


PIONEROS DEL TABACO 2º edición - Los Fabricantes de Cigarrillos en la  Argentina, 1850-1920
Tobacco Pioneers 2nd edition- Cigarette Manufacturers in Argentina, 1850-1920
by Alejandro Butera. (in spanish only)

Tobacco industry, and particularly the manufacture of cigarettes, devoloped at a fast pace in the last decades of the XIX century in Argentina. The introduction of machinery allowed the automatization of the manufacturing process, favoring a rapid growth of this industry and the birth of a large number of factories that manufactured a huge amount of brands. At the same time, color printing was at high level of perfection allowing the creation of amazing cigarette packs.

This book describes the world of the antique cigarette brands produced by our Tobacco Pioneers. Both advanced collectors and those who only want to learn about the birth of this industry in Argentina will find incredible illustrations and stories that will surely catch the reader. 

Link to 1st edition: PIONEROS DEL TABACO - Los Fabricantes de Cigarrillos en la  Argentina, 1880-1920


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