What is CPCCA?
CPCCA (Cigarette Pack Collectors Club of Argentina) is an Internet non-profit association with rather unique and specific organization. We forgather cigarette pack collectors from all around the world. Our system of membership and certification operates strictly online, with website copyright as our protection

What are the main activities of CPCCA?
At the current moment, our prime focus is on gathering cigarette pack collectors from around the world and promote activities among members. On site we collect any information about cigarette packs and collecting cigarette packs.

How to become a member of CPCCA?
It is very easy and simple to become member of CPCCA. You have  to fill up the membership form (it would take no more than 5 min.) and you will become member of CPCCA. Wait a couple of days to receive the welcome letter and your club member number.

Are there any fees?
No!. Our membership is absolutely free. The publication of buy, sell or trade ads is also totally free.

What is the "Online Certificate"?
Online Certificate is a large JPEG image that will be sent to any member on request. It contains a specially designed Certificate with member's name, the seal (logo) of CPCCA, date of acceptance and signature of one of the club co-founders. All members of CPCCA may print out their certificates. Authenticity of such certificates can be checked on our website: just look for the list of our registered Members

What are the benefits of joining CPCCA?
All members of CPCCA will have a supportive group of friends, an ultimate resource of information's about cigarette packs, fine opportunity to present their collection to a wider audience and a choice of making many new interesting and useful contacts.

Las updated: 27 May 2007
thanks to Marko Vujosevic for this FAQ page!