183/2002 Marko Vujosevic

Marko Vujosevic - 183/2002
Postal Address - Dirección Postal Naselje Novo Mjesto 19/6
85347 Igalo
Start collecting - Fecha de comienzo 2002
Interested in Trading? - Desea Intercambiar? Contact me
Type of packs - Tipo de paquetes Empty 3D packs - Paquetes vacíos 3D, Full packs - Paquetes llenos
Size of collection - Tamaño de la colección 937
Phone number - Teléfono -
Web Site - Sitio Web
E-mail markovujosevic@cg.yu (email not working)
Message I collect empty hard cigarette packs (3D, flip top boxes, hull & slide, tins, cigarillos, wide) and soft packs (only full and only if brand doesn't have hard pack or hard and soft packs from same brand are
different). I don't collect different health warnings, small differences between packs, different bar codes, damaged packs, empty flattened soft packs, packs with big health warnings and same packs produced by different countries.
Posted - Publicado 10-Aug-2002/ updated 06-Apr-2003