411/2007 Aytac Koray Koc

Aytac Koray Koc - 411/2007
Postal Address - Dirección Postal Odtu 9. Yurt 204/5 Ankara
Start collecting - Fecha de comienzo 2007
Interested in Trading? - Desea Intercambiar? Yes
Type of packs - Tipo de paquetes Empty 3D packs - Paquetes vacíos 3D
Size of collection - Tamaño de la colección 30
Phone number - Teléfono +905425278967
Web Site - Sitio Web -
E-mail aytackoraykoc@gmail.com (email not working)
Message Hi i have started to collecting cigarettes, and i want to find and use a box: http://www.cigarettespedia.com/index.php/Pall_Mall I'm a fanatic pall-mall smoker, and i want to find it, i can pay for it, i can exchange the turkish cigarette boxes for it too.. please help.. aytackoray
Posted - Publicado , Updated - Actualizado 25-Feb-2007