015/2000 Andrew S. Chen

Andrew S. Chen - 015/2000
Postal Address - Dirección Postal P.O.Box 125-48, Taipei,
Start collecting - Fecha de comienzo 1987
Interested in Trading? - Desea Intercambiar? Contact me
Type of packs - Tipo de paquetes Empty flattened packs, Empty 3D packs, Full Packs
Size of collection - Tamaño de la colección 18500
Phone number - Teléfono -
Web Site - Sitio Web homepage.renren.com/cigpacks
E-mail pookey@ms6.hinet.net
Message I just collect complete different cigarette packs. No different health warning, Barcode, the same brands but manufactured by different countries...etc. If you want to exchange packs with me, please send a list of your offer by email or letter. I'll send you a list too.
Posted - Publicado 09-Dic-2000