636/2011 Hamza Marouf

Hamza Marouf - 636/2011
Postal Address - Dirección Postal Amman
Start collecting - Fecha de comienzo 2011
Interested in Trading? - Desea Intercambiar? yes
Type of packs - Tipo de paquetes Empty 3D packs - Paquetes vacíos 3D
Size of collection - Tamaño de la colección 48
Phone number - Teléfono 0799433095
Web Site - Sitio Web -
Message well. hello there my name is hamza, bear with my because the only foreign language i can speak is english. i am an amateur when it gets to collecting cigarettes. i am 18 and i am planning on building up a collection. i have a few limited editioons along side a couple weird packs up for trade
i would happily give proof if needed
Posted - Publicado 18-Jul-2011