Cheaters - Estafadores

Es realmente triste tener una sección como esta en un club de coleccionistas. Sin embargo varios miembros del club se han quejado de haber sido estafados. Esta sección está aquí para advertir a otros coleccionistas sobre personas no confiables. Sus nombres serán removidos tan pronto como el problema sea resuelto. Si quieres nombrar a alguien para esta sección asegúrate primero de contactar a la persona cuestionada.

It is really sad to have a section like this in a club of collectors, However, several club members complain about being stolen packs. This is section is here to warn other collectors about non trusty persons. Their names will be removed as soon as the problem is solved. If you want to include someone in this section, please be sure to contact him/her before submitting a name.

  1. Jorge Anjos, Portugal: club member # 67, ows packs to Daniela Rufolo, Héctor Taborda, Vinicius Martins, and Vytautas Strikauskas(22 packs sent August 14, 2001)  (He is not collecting cig. packs any more)
  2. Doni Tal, 14/4 Hirschenberg Str.Tel-Aviv 64393; Israel: ows 40 packs since Sep.1999 (sent by Juan Pablo Taboada)
  3. Walter Zoch, Argentina: ows 22 packs since Sep 15, 2000 to Vytautas Strikauskas, 115 packs since Sep. 2000 to Alejandro Butera.
  4. Bojan Djokic, Yugoslavia: ows 22 packs since May 16, 2001 to Vytautas Strikauskas. Ows 30 packs to Juan Pablo Taboada since Dec. 2000, ows 30 packs to Giorgio Cozzi since Sep. 2001, ows 65 packs to club member Mario Torossi since 2001.(He is not collecting cig. packs any more)
  5. Yolanda Todd, Paraguay: ows 20 full packs since May 12, 2002 to Roman Zhukovskiy.
  6. Amir Hamzah, Malaysia: ows 40 packs (full and empty) since Jul 2002 to Néstor Coronel.
  7. Boris Paysahovich, Israel: ows 43 packs to Mario David Torossi since Sep. 2002, ows 55 packs to Alejandro Butera since Aug. 12, 2002.  (He is not collecting cig. packs any more)
  8. Fernando Roa, Argentina: ows 105 packs to Getulio Camara Nascimento since Dec 13, 2002
  9. Jose Garcia Mora, Costa Rica ows180 packs to Thomas Carter since 1 March 2000.
  10. Adelina Lopez, Argentina ows 30 packs to Thomas Carter since 17 July 2000.
  11. Rishi Kumar Chandiok, India. This guy seems to be a collector of stamps who promises cigarette packs from India in return of stamps. He has stolen stamps to Uri Merav, Alejandro Butera and perhaps other trusty collectors. BE AWARE OF HIM!!!!. Esta persona parece ser un coleccionista de estampillas que ofrece marquillas de India a cambio de estampillas. Ha robado estampillas a Uri Merav, Alejandro Butera y quizás a otros coleccionistas confiados. TENGAN CUIDADO CON ÉL.
  12. Tiago Balista, Brazil. Ows 30 packs to Giorgio Cozzi since July 17, 2004. Also ows 50 cigarette packs to club member Jose Luis Muñoz Valles since July 27, 2004
  13. Reka Dranik, Romania club member 332/2004. Ows 82 packs to club member Michael Abildgaard Christensen, from october 4th 2004. He also ows 10 Camel boxes to club member Esteban Gimenez from Andorra.
  14. Bobby Capao, Filipinas, (stamp collector) ows 200 packs to Esteban Gimenez.
  15. Oleg Voronin, Russia club member 331/2004. Ows 100 packs to Esteban Gimenez.
  16. Fabian Morales, Costa Rica club member 336/2005. Ows 30 packs since Feb 22, 2005 to club member Claudio Rodríguez from Argentina.
  17. ecollectibilia (de eBay): He has sold FAKE material to Juan José Ruiz through e-Bay in 2005. Ha vendido material FALSO a Juan José Ruiz a través de eBay en el año 2005.
  18. Gustavo Rebaque, Argentina club member 277/2003. Sold a colection to Fabian Font from Argentina in June 2009 but never sent the packs.
  19. Johnny Alejandro Andrade Carvajal: ows 113 packs to club member Mario Torossi since 27-May-2008.
  20. Pilar Allende: club member 558, ows 82 packs to Eduardo Bertolino since Dec 2009.
  21. Deepak Swain from India: club member 573/2010, ows 25 packs to club member Michael Engel since April 2010, 25 packs to  club member Alberto Gonzalez since May 2010, and also several packs to  club member Rubens Condoplo
  22. Istvan Erdei from Hungary: ows 41 packs to Gianmarco Cannì since 9 October, 2010
  23. Jakub Bedlinski from Poland: ows to Lampros Alexopoulos, member # 603/2010 of CPCCA, 31 packs since October 2010.
  24. Sergey Kolodyazhny from St. Petersburg, Russia. This person bought many packs from Alexei Melnik on June 13 2012 and didn´t pay him
  25. Yung Gunag: from China (e-mail from Michael Engel) He stole from me 8 Full packs. From Esteban Gimenez 40 Full packs- From Luis Alberto Rodriguez 56 full packs. Down you can see the mail that I asked you to remove Yung Gunag from cheaters list , and not 3 years pass and I need you to put him again this time he have 4 different names: Liu Xing, Alex Owen, Yang Guan, Qian Luo – names
    Address: (All addresses in same 13km radius in same Shijigshan district)
    -Liu Xing, China Reinsurance Building 7th floor, 11 Jin Rong Street, Xi Cheng District, BeiJing CHINA 100040
    -Alex Owen, Room602, unit one, building 18, West Yongle Community, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China 100040
    -YangGuang,  Room602, unit one, building 18, West Yongle Community, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China 100040, CHINE
    - Qian Luo, Wu Fang Yuan the post office, Lu Gu south road. Shi Jing Shan District Bei Jing CHINA 100040
  26. Marco Antonio Cantos Bravo de Rueda (facebook ). According to Pedro Paulo de Medeiros he is not complying with his exchange agreements. He ows 50 packs to PPM since April 2010..
  27. HAO CHUN QING (GERALD HAO). Rogério Tucci from Brazil (club memeber #574/2010) sent 480 packs on March 2015 and received back only 180 packs.